Save Tidemill – Reginald House and Tidemill Wildlife Garden II


Check out the fantastic summer programme of free events in Tidemill Wildlife Garden, until middle of July anyway (programme for the rest of the summer will follow). Also check the Facebook page for further updates:

Save Tidemill Programme

While you are in the garden, why don’t you leave a note about your experience of the garden on the Memory Board. Make a comment, write a story, paint a picture of your impressions, tell us what you like about the garden and why we need to keep it. Post-it notes, postcards, pens and white-tac provided.


As you may know, the garden is, along with Reginald House, under threat of destruction to build homes. Although campaigners and local residents have put forward alternative plans that would build the same amount of homes without destroying the garden and demolishing people’s existing homes, the council is not willing to consider these plans. Despite the garden being an important green space with lower pollution levels than anywhere else in the area, and despite Lewisham Council supporting a project called ‘Tranquil City’ that maps the green spaces of London so that people have access to less polluted routes through the city, the garden is in imminent danger of being closed to create more pollution by felling mature trees and building more flats. We all know we need to house Lewisham’s homeless but there are plenty of other opportunities to do this without losing a much-needed green space and demolishing perfectly sound council homes. Whilst this development now promises to provide a fair amount of social housing units (an achievement of the campaigners), there are numerous developments in the area where more social housing units could be built (and could have been built). It begs the question – why here? Why destroy a wildlife garden and a council block when there is, and would have been, plenty of opportunities elsewhere?  Join the campaign and try to help save the garden from demolition alongside Reginald House, where the majority of people have voted against the destruction of their homes. See the campaigners demands below (campaign meetings take place every Saturday 3pm in the garden).

Save Tidemill Demandsbanner