Deptford is Changing is with Deptford Cinema

Before Lockdown I was in conversation with Deptford Cinema Film and Book Club to organise a film screening followed by a discussion of the book Deptford is Changing. We had arranged to combine the book with the film The Last Black Man in San Francisco as the story of the main character fits very well with some of the personal stories in the book. For those who don’t know the film, it is a moving portrait of a young black man who is living with a friend and longs to move back into his childhood home. The film speaks a lot about the connection we have with home and how important rootedness and a sense of belonging are. With Covid-19 making film and book nights in the cinema impossible, Deptford Cinema decided to launch a podcast series and I was invited to discuss the book and the film via Zoom with Caroline Jupp, one of the volunteers at the Cinema. This was followed by a discussion about the film by Tashi and Ben, also volunteers at Deptford Cinema. The whole podcast can be listened to here:

186A5070Photo: Deptford Cinema / Adriana Kytkova