Closures in and around Deptford

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I recently received an email from Bojana Janković and Diana Damian-Martin, two immigrant writers currently in residence at The Albany and Deptford Lounge. They informed me about their project Temporary Works, an open access digital archive of real, imagined and potential closures and notices of termination in and around Deptford, and invited me to contribute something to the project and spread the word. I will contribute a couple of images of the New Cross Tyre Shop on Arklow Road which has shut down. It came up in conversation during my Deptford is Changing project, with one participant wondering what happened to it. The image on the left was taken in 2014, before the Anthology Development started and when the old buildings in the background were still intact. The image on the right was taken in 2018 when the building works had already started. The New Cross Tyre shop was still operating then but closed for good soon after that.

Bojana and Diana also invite you to participate. It can be a photograph, a letter, a drawing, a sound, a recording, or an image. It can be made by you, or it could be something you found. There is no immediate deadline, but the sooner you can submit something, the better. It is really easy to submit (see screenshot below), just follow the simple instructions on their website:

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